What is Montessori?

You owe it to your Child to read this message!

If you are thinking of becoming a teacher someday, then you should read this, too!


A Quality Early Childhood Education

is the Key to Your Child’s Success!

Do you want your Child to receive the same education that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Julia Childs, Jeff Bezos, Apolo Anton Ohno, and others had?


There will be no Tomorrow without happily educated children Today!

Your Child’s Education must have these Success Criteria:

Applies ALL Key Principles of Human Intellectual Development

Utilizes the approach that is applicable from Birth to Adulthood and beyond

Naturally Pushes your Child’s Desire to Learn to the Maximum without barriers

Does not discriminate Child— by race, gender, religion, and socioeconomic

Provides your Child every opportunity to use his natural learning preference

Uses a very simple, yet very powerful, universal curriculum

Employs a Child-centered versus teacher centered approach

Offers a safe and secure classroom environment for learning and growing

Provides immediate access to more subjects and earlier mastery of several subjects

Promotes science of peace and harmony for all of the children of the world!

Intends to promote productive happy adult leaders of tomorrow


Your Child’s Tomorrow depends on where he or she learns and his or her teacher Today!

But which school program?

Which educational philosophy?

Which child teacher or advocate?

You worry constantly whether your Child is learning, and how well.  You worry whether you made the right educational choice for your Child.  You wonder about your Child’s education day after day.  You hope that your Child will turn out to be, at least, an average student.  You expect your Child to become a scholar someday.

You feel frustrated when you hear about school problems and wonder whether those school issues are affecting your Child’s education.

You feel anxious when you hear that Education in America is changing for the worse. Because of this, you may be slowly giving in to this ‘learned and accepted’ helplessness relating to it.  Thinking that what you see is what you have simply because it’s America.’

Consider this fact about Education in America:

Home is the best educational center.  Since over 70% of parents work, the next best education a child can receive is at school.  However, not all schools provide or even bother to offer a quality education. The general educational morale in America is in distress.

Schools are essentially failing many children. More and more schools are lowering their standards for a number of reasons, politics and otherwise. The number of school dropouts and non-college bound students continue to increase.  Special needs children are falling through the cracks due to general educational inattention.  Children are exhibiting more issues with respect and responsibility.  Violence in schools is slowly becoming an educational trend, indicating a general failure in promoting peace very early in many of these children’s lives.

Educational researchers and analysts, according to the average tests, observe that the Education in America produces the lowest ranking scorers in the world. In fact, it is one of the worst! This must be taken in account as fact. Many high achievers are mostly foreigners, refugees, or immigrants.

Your Child’s education may be in jeopardy.

Check out these historical facts by using this comparative data:  

Children of long ago were required to learn Latin, Shakespeare, some sciences and mathematics.  Latin, believed to be dead, was the mother of all languages (Dead? I am not quite convinced. It continues to exist in parts of words, such as prefixes, suffixes and scientific terms, and even in some Catholic masses today.) Those who learned Latin in school had greater chances to excel in English.

Today, the general educational goal is that children are to read at least reach the 4th grade reading level. If they are able to read and write and add and subtract, then they are considered to be literate and able to ‘survive’ on own.   If this occurs, then it would be considered the minimum educational accomplishment for that child.  Education may cease to do further for that child.  In other words, the general educational goal is to achieve the minimum rather than the maximum potential of each child.

The truth about the 3 R’s

Too many are not able to read.

Many are able to read up to 4th grade level.

Some are able to read up to 8th grade level.

Few are able to read up to and beyond 12th grade level.

Too many are not able to write.

Many are able to write up to 4th grade level.

Some are able to write up to 8th grade level

Few are able to write up to and beyond 12th grade level.

Consider this: authors of long ago were more eloquent and powerful writers than the authors of today. Their thinking was deeper and more dynamic than today’s authors.

Many of them chose to forego their choice of words for something simpler, in order to be more appealing and understandable to more people. Who wants to bother buying hard to understand books?  Very few, of course!

Most books, read today by many are written in 4th, 6th to 8th grade levels. More technical, the higher the reading level becomes.  For niche marketing, the reading level varies depending on who is the target reader audience, for example, children or readers interested in investment finances or marketing.

Not all schools are inferior

Yes, there are good educational systems. The problem is… there are good teachers in poor designated schools or lousy teachers in good schools.  Rarely, you would see both—quality teachers in quality schools.

It is best that both teachers and administrators work together for your Child’s sake. This healthy, educational relationship is becoming less common today due to the increasing number of teachers everywhere protesting for more money, more benefits, etc.  From time to time, teachers are found on the streets with signs asking for benefit increases, rather than being in the classroom educating their students. You will know which ones are devoted to teaching because they love to teach, not just to make money.

Teachers knew that when they studied to become teachers that American education is at risk all of the time, due to politics and the economy.  Essentially, teachers in general have the one of the lowest salaries in the US today and have had for a long time.  That explains the general morale among the teachers: they simply do not feel respected or appreciated because they are the ones who provide the Child’s formal education. If long-term income or salary is an issue, then that person should NOT consider pursuing a teaching career, unless he has the potential of becoming one at a prestigious school.

What else? In many school districts, you rarely have a voice about which classroom or which teacher your child is being put with for the rest of the school year.

All Education lacks a key learning principle

Yes, there are several good educational systems but none of them have ALL of the principles required for your Child to maximize his potential the natural way.  In general, Education in America does not have what your Child needs for his or her natural intellectual growth.

Unfortunately, the majority of teachers teach for money not for your Child’s future. There are too many of them.  This attitude alone hurts. More are beginning to adopt this attitude due to the economy and statewide and nationwide school district budget problems as well.

Teachers are expected to teach children to read and write. Once this goal is achieved, then they consider themselves successful; wrong! Teachers are not to get all of the credit for the Child’s success.  

Too many teachers are laid-back; they are not willing to teach unconditionally, regardless of how bad their earnings are. They only teach the children the bare essentials: the 3 R’s—Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.  Oftentimes, they wait to teach these essentials until later or according to the school curriculum set-up.

We have many methods of education and too many curriculum systems. That’s America. People, especially the educators, believe that they are free to teach the children in any way that they believe is best. And it is okay to allow teachers to teach whatever they feel is best for the children.  In fact, children are at our mercy.  That is educational abuse.  This view is very worrisome. The children will be who we teach them to be.  This attitude will impact your Child’s future.

Conceptually, there should be no such thing as alternative education.  Education should be the same from city to city, state to state, nation to nation, so that the children can better understand each other because they have applied the natural learning principles that the other children will pick up easily.  After their basic learning needs are satisfied, then they will blossom into independent and productive adults.

The Child needs ALL of the key principles of learning given to him or her in a safe learning environment.  There is only one method of education that offers ALL of the key principles and ALL of the natural laws of intellectual development to the Child in order to maximize his intellectual potential as a productive adult in his future society.

Too many parents just have to trust in education and its educators

Parents believe that their children are learning and progressing as they see something new in their ‘tasks’. They also assume that if they are able to read and write, then they are really learning.

It is not so; they are only learning the basics in order not to be labeled illiterate. Once the child becomes literate, then the chances for his or her future would increase.  Not always.  Why not?  His or her potential was never realized and nurtured in time, and in many cases, it may be too late.

How do you know if your Child is learning…  the natural way?  

Many children are only learning the bare essentials.  Many school systems lower their educational expectations in order to “help” the children pass tests, to be recognized or to be considered as a recipient of monetary award from time to time.  Ultimately, the majority is reading at one, two or even three levels below grade!

My husband is a community college instructor. I know him to be a very good teacher. He cares about quality teaching and giving quality education to his students.  However, in the past few years, I have observed him being forced to modify his course syllabus, thus lower his class expectations in order to increase enrollment or he would lose his job eventually, due to a reduction in task force.  He is not at all happy about it.  He feels that students today are academically lazier than those in the past.

An esteemed university professor of foreign languages and a true nonconformist (My former Italian professor) stated to me a long time ago that Education in America is setting up the children for failure, period! She was compelled to lower her teaching standards in order to pass more students and keep her job.  She said that the next generation will be worse than ours and the one after that will be dismal.  She is very upset about it.  I totally agreed with her.

This gradual but educational degradation is due to the production of lazier students and then leaders that are ‘experts’ in seeking the easy life and short cuts, leading the future generations and us astray from progress. That’s not growth, but retrogression—essentially from the caveman era to the caveman era they return!

The thought of our generations retrogressing back to fighting brother against brother, and anybody else for gain regardless of the relation of the offender is indeed frightening. This is evident by the increasing incidents of war and violence in the schools and in the communities. More children are solving the problem by killing it, instead of fixing it through thinking, feeling and talking about it before taking action or even avoiding it, if just walking away from it is all that it takes to solve such a problem!

Education should be a privilege that every Child has; he or she should not be treated as a consumer, but as a learner!  Education should not be a business that decides how to cater to the Child’s, or even the Teacher’s, needs according to their assumption of what he or she needs to succeed. That is business and capitalism and  is not acceptable, period!

Children come first!

People believe more money is needed to improve education.  WRONG!

In fact, nearly a century ago America had the opportunity to consider adopting this educational philosophy when it was first introduced; however, it rejected this simple, yet powerful philosophy.  Instead, America educators adopted the wrong principles of education with time. America’s Education ended up with remedial after remedial additions or changes, which I called them “educational bandages”.  Consequently, it has become very costly as time goes on.

Since Education in America is massively huge, administrators on local, state and even federal levels control education due to financial politics. At times, teachers decide how they teach in the classroom and this alone can be harmful. They are further lowering their expectations of the students, in order to make themselves look good. Teachers believe that they are the ones who deserve credit for the child’s success while in fact it is the child who deserves most of the credit.

To me, the most obvious answer to the educational problem in America is to give it a face-lift, not a partial, but the whole of it.  This would include the necessary re-examination of the teaching approach among the teachers and educators. It would necessitate teachers to unlearn almost everything that they have learned in their teacher training programs.

However, I realized that as an ordinary person that I could not do anything about this educational problem.  But I can do a few things. I am sharing this message with all parents, caregivers and other persons who care about the children and especially their education.

You are NOT alone with this educational worry for the sake of your Child.   But the truth is… you can do something about it!

You owe it to your child to ensure a better education for your and their tomorrow! This is to let you know that your Child has the right to receive a quality education, even if it means going outside of your school zone in order to get it.

For your Child’s sake, you really need to start calling numbers, talking to people, driving around to look for a good school and digging for the answers. You should plan on this challenging task the day after your Child is born.

I can imagine how you feel when you learn that you have the power to do so.  However, you are so busy nowadays, working to support your family’s needs and wants.  You drop your Child at the nearest school, or the nearest school bus stop from home or work, day after day without really thinking or planning ahead.

      But before you do anything else…

Consider this overlooked alternative.

You owe it to your Child to make a difference for him or her.

Rest assured…

I took care of the first step of this daunting education task for YOU.

I committed my time searching for the answers to these quality questions, just for your Child (and my child, as well).

Which school program?

Which educational philosophy?

Which child advocate?

      Why Did I Do It?

I see your Child as an invaluable, even priceless, asset for our future. I desire him or her to have a quality education, for our tomorrow needs strong leaders, regardless of whose children.  I took the time to research and I found the answers to these quality education questions.

I observed that this certain philosophy has the natural answers to that education.  It even has ALL of the key principles of intellectual development that were scientifically tested and proven again and again, around the world.

This education also has its own teacher training programs, generating child advocates with certain characteristics who are dedicated to educating children in their specially designed learning environment.  This education’s ultimate goal is to promote happy and independent adults for tomorrow’s world.  Child advocates observe that ‘Leadership’ is an action, not a position.  Because of this, they are intending to produce actively educated children today!

       The Answer is…  A Quality Montessori Education

Your Child will get the most out of education the Montessori way, for as long as you offer him or her such opportunities, especially during his or her First Six Years.

Teachers, you will be happier teaching in Montessori schools. You will fit much better in those classrooms.  Your attitude toward teaching, and especially your value system regarding the education for the children, will change dramatically.


I learned that there is not just one Montessori approach, but several.  Another question, “Which is the real Montessori?” popped up.

Which Montessori pieces are authentic?

Which Montessori pieces are original?

Which one is sugarcoated with Montessori?

This is the Montessori puzzle that I am pointing out…

There are several Montessori puzzles all mixed up with all of the pieces made up of ‘Montessori’.  I had to separate the imitation pieces from the genuine ones.  I kept the ones that were ‘handcrafted’ by Dr. Maria Montessori.  I put aside those high quality reproduced ones to examine at a later time and discarded the fake ones.

From time to time, I was baffled with certain Montessori puzzle pieces that I thought were authentic. I had to examine them closely ‘under a microscope’ and discovered that they had a slightly different cut than the original ones. I tossed those poorly reproduced ones away.

Little by little, I was able to find authentic pieces to close the gaps, thus making sense of the Montessori puzzle.

The examination and assembly of each piece of the Montessori puzzle took me two years to complete. I was elated at how beautifully animated the Original Montessori Puzzle became, when it was finally assembled with each piece fitted perfectly… It was as if I gave it ‘life’. I was able to see the big picture as reflected by the puzzle: YOUR CHILD’S FUTURE!

I sensed, from time to time, Dr. Montessori’s spirit commending my sincere efforts as I endeavored to recreate her original Montessori puzzle.  Because of this, I believed I was successful in restoring The Original Montessori Puzzle, the one that was handcrafted by Dr. Montessori through her painstakingly, yet devoted, research work just because she loved the children of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The search for the right Montessori could be confusing and overwhelming to the point of becoming frustrating, and giving up too early, for many of you!  Because of this completed Montessori puzzle, the chances of your experiencing stress in looking for the right Montessori program will decrease significantly.

Unfortunately due to the jumbled pieces of Montessori puzzle, there were too many missed Montessori opportunities for too many children.  Not all of them missed out the Montessori experience.  Many successful adults were Montessori Children at one point in their lives.  It is essentially the early Montessori experience that makes the biggest difference in that Child’s life.

In fact, I learned that the most complicated thing about the Montessori puzzle is that it is simple as long as it has the right pieces to make it ‘click’!

       Montessori Success Stories

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon.com, was a Montessori Child.  Julia Childs one of the renowned TV cooking chefs, was a Montessori Child. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was a Montessori Child.  Many other celebrities were Montessori Children and or sent their children to a Montessori program.  An internationally renowned child development specialist (name withheld) was a Montessori Child. A Montessori mother later became an executive director of a Montessori school.

Several famous figures of the past that changed the world today trained under Dr. Maria Montessori. Many of them made a difference in their communities in many ways, small and big. The list goes on.

Another Montessori Success Story

I discovered another Montessori success story when I was working the Montessori Puzzle. That person was Apolo Anton Ohno, now an international icon for sportsmanship excellence, and also a Montessori Child. How I learned of his Montessori experience is worthy mentioning.

As an Olympic enthusiast, I just happened to watch his race on TV.  I witnessed his gold-medal race. I gasped ‘oh-no!’ when he slipped and fell, winning the silver while racing for gold.  With American pride, I saw him achieve the international celebrity status literally overnight simply because of how he acted and reacted!

I saw his image and heard his comments when he was asked how he felt about the presumed disappointment of not being able to ‘gold-medal’ four times as predicted. He straightaway transformed the world’s disappointment to amazement when he flashed the most dazzling smile as he stood on the podium (that smile should be reserved for the golden success, or so many thought).

In fact, he captivated me for there was something beyond his beautiful smile.  But what was it?  Soon after I discovered that Apolo was a Montessori Child. I read about him in a Montessori announcement congratulating him for his success. I checked with that school and learned that he had an early Montessori experience.

Naturally, Apolo’s devoted father deserves credit as well. He was instrumental in his successes as well. I suspected that his father was giving Apolo a consistent, yet continuing, Montessori experience without realizing he was doing it the Montessori way!  Yes, it’s very possible.  Dr. Montessori identified those nurturing behaviors as some of the key principles for success.  It is just that Apolo’s father was not aware of such named principles.  Nevertheless, Apolo was fortunate to have a father like him!

It dawned on me that the something I sensed about him was the ‘Montessori’ aura that he unconsciously revealed through his behavior and words that day. I believe that Apolo’s early Montessori experience also added to his international success.

In my Montessori analysis, Apolo’s words; underlined, ‘My journey was not to win four golds. It was coming to the Olympics, experiencing it, and performing my best, regardless of medal outcome.‘… were key Montessori expressions.

Yes, the Montessori experience that children have early in their lives stays with them throughout their lives. This is apparent in Apolo’s case.

Add Montessori to your educational options for your Child.

Yes, you should consider a Montessori experience for your Child. And you have the right to know everything about it.  First, I need to explain to you why I did it and how.  You deserve to know because I did it for YOU so that you and your child would be spared from any potential educational disappointment or even disillusionment today and tomorrow!

I do not want you to regret not knowing about it sooner, even if you decide it is not for your Child.  I do not want you to say such things as

“I wish I knew about it sooner.”


“I wish I were informed of that Montessori alternative.”

“Who knows if Montessori would have made a better difference?”

I am surprised and not surprised that so many do not even know what ‘Montessori’ is at all or have ever heard of it.  However, I am not allowing it to stay ‘hidden’ out of sight. I endeavor to expose this option to all parents looking for a quality education for their Child.

I offer you this Original Montessori Puzzle renamed as the ‘The Montessori Answer’.

                    Why, “The Montessori Answer”?

The Original Montessori Puzzle, now alive and energetic and not requiring assembly, is no longer a puzzle and has been transformed into an electronic book.  In other words, The Montessori Answer has been carefully handcrafted into an electronic book (eBook) titled “What is Montessori?”

This eBook has the answer to every Child’s Educational Needs in order to maximize his or her future success.

I constructed this eBook especially for you mothers, fathers, grandparents, caregivers, teachers and educators, including those of you who are planning to become a teacher someday.

I also built this eBook for Montessorians so that they have something very Montessori-friendly to refer to for their non-Montessori associates for further information as to understand where they Montessorians are coming from.

What is more? Each piece has been named and numbered for even quicker reference. These pieces can be found under the Table of Contents. The explanation of each piece is also found in the endnotes and appendices.

This eBook, especially, has a very definitive Montessori piece involving Dr. Montessori’s enduring, yet most powerful declaration during her final public speech.

Her words forever sealed her eternal legacy- her love for the children of the world yesterday, today and tomorrow. Her statement was unheard of in any other education philosophy or said by any other educational philosopher!  It is a must read and must know.

Before you decide if it is not something you want to consider or to bother with, keep in mind that whatever you do with your Child’s education, it is your responsibility and he and she is at your mercy until he or she leaves home. So, before you make a decision, check out our reviewers’ testimonials.

      What did the reviewers say…

Ms. Bateh chose the most practical approach using her excellent research to answer the many varied questions all of us Montessorians are asked at times…

If you are a scholar involved in lately fashionable worry about education of our young ones or a parent looking for answers to practical reasons “what will help my child get the best start?” or a teacher who has to be ready with clear, concise, honest answers to questions “what – how – why Montessori?”

Ms. Bateh is qualified to answer the questions from all vantage points. Dr. Montessori’s personal history leading to the Method gives a quick respectful reference to the past and fits comfortably with the proof of its applicability with the needs of today.

The detailed careful description, quantity and quality of materials needed and used in the Montessori classroom as well as Dr. Montessori’s perspective regarding the front-burner issue of discipline and work vs. play makes this book a forever reference—

Madeleine Justus— Executive Director Emeritus of Spring Valley Montessori School- 

 She is the founder of the Pacific Northwest’s Oldest Montessori Program

I highly recommend “What is Montessori?” as a resource book for any person considering the educational option of the Montessori Method for their child.  As a concerned parent and a Montessori teacher, I found that Ms. Bateh has done her research in depth and answered all of the question that I have ever encountered, plus many more!  And with future updates scheduled, this magnificent bundle of information will never be obsolete!

A very enjoyable and informational read!!!

Leigha B. Curts— MACTE Certified Montessori Teacher

     Why “What is Montessori?”

I saw the great need for it.  I had been confronted by the same question over and over—“What is Montessori?” each time I announced that my child was attending Montessori. I also have been asked “why did I send my child there?” and “What is so special about Montessori?” etc.

The second frequently asked Montessori question is this: “How is Montessori different than other schools?”  “Can you tell me?”  And, sometimes, this question—‘Who invented Montessori?’ This is, in fact, the saddest Montessori question ever asked!  This ‘who is’ question tells me that the person was not given the chance to learn about a certain figure during his schooling elsewhere.

Naturally, my answer to that ‘who’ question is simple:  One of the world’s renowned legends, Dr. Maria Montessori originated it!  “Montessori” was indeed the person who was very active in changing the educational world, especially one’s perception of the Child. In fact, I never had the opportunity to hear of her before I took a Montessori Philosophy course

Even though I took a Montessori Philosophy and Method course from an AMI certified Montessori teacher and did an intensive practicum and observation in her Montessori classroom during my college years, I learned many awe-inspiring things about Montessori.  I identified many to be very compatible with my beliefs and values. One of them is the eternal quest for knowledge, especially through the natural laws of intellectual development.

This quest, for instance, is highly controlled to the point of being denied in other educational programs for other’s educational, and even parental gain, at times. These natural laws are not practiced in the non-Montessori classrooms. Because of these laws, I shudder at the thought of putting my child in a learning environment that does not promote such laws. I also witnessed many things in the Montessori classroom that I realized were missing from the traditional classrooms.

I even experienced a longing to turn back the clock all the way back to my early childhood years and to do live my life all over again in the Montessori way! Yes! I wished that I had been a Montessori Child. I know it’s not possible. But instead, I adopted Montessori as the educational choice for my children. (It was several years before I had my first child.)

There is so much more to Montessori that makes it different from the traditional one, just like night and day!  You must learn, experience, and witness Montessori at work to really see the difference.  Because of this, I was unable to provide a quick, yet short, answer to this unbelievingly simple three-word Montessori question- “What is Montessori?”- each time.

Even though the Montessori question appeared to be informal, I recognized that the person asking me was totally ignorant about the subject, by no fault of his or her own. The answer he or she was seeking, or just was curious about, necessitates at least an Introduction to Montessori discourse, not just a two or three sentence or even a five-minute Montessori explanation.

However, think about this… if America chose to adopt Montessori Method of Education as its educational choice, then it would be a whole different story and there would probably be no need for this book, except maybe the historical aspects of how Montessori in America came to being and how it impacts our children today.

My comparing the two educational classrooms, Montessori and traditional is, in fact, only a small piece of Montessori’s exceptionality as a whole.  Because of this, I have always felt that a quick answer does not even begin to give Montessori the chance of having the benefit of the doubt.

Simply put, the effort to answer the Montessori question requires a lot of Montessori enlightenment on my, and every other Montessorians’, part. Therefore, the odds of Montessori being fairly (or unfairly) judged based on one’s ability (or inability) of explaining in a clear and satisfactory manner the answer to the Montessori question increases exponentially!

I even wondered if my information came across as disorganized or unintelligent to that person listening.  If so, then he or she would be uncertain about Montessori as well.

Simply put, I was very aware of my continual struggle to ‘sum up’ Montessori. I knew this for sure because just saying a few things about Montessori will not cause the light bulb to turn on in that person’s mind. In fact, it took me one year to fully understand what Montessori is all about.

My Montessori professor refused to accept that I understood Montessori in a short time, even though she acknowledged that I was a quick-learning scholar. It was not until after I had completed another intensive semester, observing one of her Montessori classrooms, that I appreciated Montessori a whole lot more. And boy! She was right.

The more I understood, the less I knew. I stuck with the Montessori basics until now. I gained a much greater understanding and appreciation of Montessori through my recent research

Because of this, my attachment for Montessori increased a lot. To me, sending my kid to another education is like sending her to another church that does not subscribe to our faith, beliefs and values, and this alone is against ‘our religion’. And yet, at times, it requires sacrifice to make it happen for my child.

Note: Montessori does not have any religious affiliation and similarities between Montessori and any religious group are purely coincidental. Dr. Maria Montessori recognized that the natural laws were very much part of the universal design of our learning existence.

Simply put, Montessori is a living energy! I cannot explain this ‘energy’ until you read my book, and then you will have a better understanding.  But I can tell you one thing about this energy. It is easily observable only in Montessori schools and other ‘Montessori-ized’ surroundings.

You will not need a full year to understand Montessori.  My eBook was created in a way so that you can gain much from Montessori in an incredibly short period of time.

If I were you, and I did not know anything about Montessori, I would most definitely feel very confused. Because of this, I can clearly see why so many of you may be undecided or even turned off due to confusion.  And plus more…

I endeavored to ensure that none of you would have to go through a very confusing Montessori puzzle that I would have experienced if it were not for my Montessori foreknowledge. I recognize that the potential for the Montessori puzzle(s) to occur in the minds of many is enormous.

As a devoted advocate of Dr. Maria Montessori, I set this Montessori record straight for her sake, your sake, and especially, for your Child’s sake!

Especially, I wanted to make sure that you have the right Montessori Puzzle or the right Montessori Answer. As a result, I drafted a simple Montessori FAQs booklet but ended up with something else.  In fact, my original project of a 30-page booklet literally evolved into an even larger project—a 150+ page eBook completed two years later!  I simply did not want to leave any of the original Montessori ‘puzzle’ pieces unturned!

As I said earlier, I still have other Montessori pieces that were still left over even if the Original Montessori was complete.  I am going to examine the remaining pieces as to the date they were made along with other essential information that they may present. After they are examined, I will have my eBook updated with more enlightening Montessori information.

You will appreciate the latest Montessori information.

Keep in mind, the core aspects of Montessori is classic, thus timeless; the information about these key principles will last forever!

To Your Montessori Questions

How is The Montessori Classroom different from others?

Is Montessori a better educational option for my child?

And other Montessori FAQs… plus many more…

This Montessori eBook is especially designed as an educational resource to be made available for you and your Child.  And for you who seek for the answers to this classic Montessori question, or even defend your reason why you chose, or are even considering a Montessori program for your child… or why you want to become a Montessori Teacher. And for you who are plain and simple curious about Montessori.

Excellent All-in-One Montessori Reference eBook for YOU who are looking for a quality school program for your children

Exceptional education textbook for YOU who seek a crash course in the Montessori Philosophy and Method of Education from the comfort of your own home

Extraordinary read for YOU, who want to be familiar with Dr. Maria Montessori’s eternal legacy

Easy to read Montessori reference book for parents, teachers, day care providers and other interested persons

Very entertaining for an overall pleasure read!

A potentially empowering educational experience that your Child can have!

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The most common eBook FAQ— Why this book is not being sold in print?  Originally, it was decided to have it published as a hard cover, but due to production fees for printing and binding.  I did not want to drive the price too high in order to cover those fees.  Simply put, the answer is that I do not wish to distribute my works on papers to save trees and making it much easier to update or to enlarge my eBook at no extra cost to you, my readers.

In other words, I prefer to have my eBooks sold according to product demand, not product volume. This eBook, if sold, as a hard cover will cost you about 50 dollars, or 35 dollars for a paperback. Obviously, it is cheaper to download your eBook purchase, so you save more with eBooks.  Moreover, you will get later editions of this eBook at no cost at all.  What do you have to lose?

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