Africa Trend 2019 – Travel to Africa and the Safari

Africa Trend – Travel to Africa and the Safari 2019

Cycling Tour in South Africa

Traveling to another country can give you an exciting experience and a memorable trip that you won’t forget for years to come. However, when it comes to finding a recreational activity that you can do in that particular country, you may want to consider cycling as a safe and money-saving activity. Billions of people ride their bicycle every month and many people use bicycle to travel short-distance locations. Able-bodied children to adults can enjoy cycling as a recreational activity that reduce stress level, improve one’s personal health, and save money at the same time. Because cycling is a low-impact activity, it is considered easy on your joints and may help seniors reduce symptoms of joint pains when done properly using the right equipment.

If you happen to travel to South Africa and are wondering about the right activity to do under the hot African sun, you may want to choose doing affordable outdoor activities that give you the opportunity to get the most out of African scenery: cycling a mountain bike south Africa. Because riding a bicycle does not create carbon footprint, it is highly encouraged in many parts of the globe including South Africa. More and more people realize the impact of the carbon they release to the atmosphere and so choose to use bicycle to roam around a new city or area.

For those who are interested in taking a cycling tour in South Africa, they can browse around for tour organizer that offers cycling tour in South African mountainside. A number of tour organizers offer cycling tours that spans for several days. When you join a cycling tour, you will be led to ride your bike along various tourist attractions and national parks that will make cycling experience memorable. Visit a bird sanctuary or a national park that is home to the big 7 game, ride through a town with breathtaking scenery or visit a penguin colony. Contact a well-established cycling tour organizer and enjoy the best of South Africa on a mountain bike.

Amazing Safari Holidays

Africa is dwelling to completely different safari locations from which you’ll be able to have one of the best vacations ever. When going for a safari holiday, you will need to be aware that the safaris come in several forms, making it simple to pick out the perfect or one that you just really feel will give you all of the enjoyable you wish to have through the holiday. A few of the most amazing safaris embrace the next:

Seashore Safaris: The safaris are mainly on the beaches, most of that are white and sandy. You’ll have loads of water actions to take part in, as well as expeditions in the close by parks and reserves. This kind of a safari is for people who love water and pure beaches. At all times select a destination that can give you nothing in need of a wonderful holiday.

Scenic Safaris: They focus primarily on the landscapes and wildlife. You should have a detailed contact with the distinctive and natural flora and fauna of the destination you choose to visit, as you enjoy the fantastic ecosystem. Other aspects finishing this type of safari include savannas, lush valleys, volcanoes, rugged mountains and anything that the land can maintain and is certain to take your breath away. The magnificent views will make your holiday very pleasant.

Cultural Safaris: You’ll get the prospect to work together with the totally different communities in your vacation spot, as well as get extra details about their traditions and customs. You may also take the interest of learning more about the meals, life-style and music of the native communities. In most destinations within Africa, the communities are very hospitable and willing to soak up visitors. Therefore, you should have no problems mingling with them. You may as well purchase their conventional artifacts or take the time to learn a phrase or two of the local languages.

Honeymoon Safaris: You may choose this safari to have all the private time you need with your spouse. You can choose to spend time on the beautiful beaches or wild bushes, which could be very interesting and romantic. Most of the tour firms, in addition to the lodges and resorts offer excellent packages for honeymooners; hence, you can see the proper one to your vacation with ease. You possibly can count on to have unique tenting and decks to allow correct viewing, without having to share with anyone else. This is without doubt one of the finest honeymoon selections you can ever make.

Book a Stress Free South African Safari

For you who have passion for travel and adventure, spending the summer holiday on a nearby beach might not be your thing. Thanks to the invention of the internet, the world is now a global village, where you can peek through the monitor, what happened in other parts of the globe, and what is there to discover. Although the history of long-distance travel goes back to the time of antiquity, today’s information technology has changed the way we plan our holiday travel, and book the accommodation and transportation. If in the past, traveling to another continent such as the Africa, would mean malaria and gang ambush, it is not the case with today’s developed African countries such as South Africa.

South Africa, as the host of the last World Cup, is a unique country where modernity meets rugged terrain and fantastic wildlife. If you are interested in having an African Safari for the first time where you can easily find modern amenities whenever you need them, you should consider visiting South Africa for a Kruger National Park Safari. As one of the most popular safari destinations in the world, Kruger safari package would not burn a hole into your pocket, while giving you an authentic wildlife experience amidst lions and elephants.

If you have never been to South Africa and you know no one in the country that could help you, you could visit a reputable travel firm that has the experience and expertise needed to tailor the right Kruger Safari for you, such as Go2Africa ( With plenty of useful resources that you can read on their website, the online travel firm tailor-makes all vacations for you and send you one easy-to-pay invoice, saving you the stress and hassles of doing everything on your own.

Currently, the online travel firm offers several Kruger Safaris that range from Kruger National Park Combination Safaris (you can choose to visit Cape Town, enjoy wine tour, or visit KwaZulu Natal, among others), Kruger Self-Drive Safari, Luxury Cape Town and Lion Sands Safari, among others. You can also opt to book a Singita Ebony and Sweni Luxury Safari, or 9 Days Kruger Safari and Beach Holiday for the whole family. Renowned for their fast, friendly service and affordable packages, you can visit the online travel site and contact their safari experts directly. Plan and book your Kruger Safari early, and be ready for a thrilling, memorable South African Safari this summer.

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