10 Great Places in Austria

Austria is a country in Europe with a rich and eventful history, its landscapes and historical monuments such as medieval fortresses, castles dotted churches, etc. In addition, Austria is also home to many people the great composers, military leaders, poets, musicians. For this reason, you can indeed expect a fantastic vacation, you should definitely visit this place, Soher are ten places to go in Austria:

Imperial Palace

The Hofburg was in the late 13th Century, built and still stands as a testament to the power and richness of this powerful political family. In this palace, you will find the offices of President of Austria to find the Country International Convention Center, the famous Spanish Riding School and the Lipizzaner stallions. There are also museums that are open to the public.

Grossglockner Alpine Road

The Grossglockner Alpine Road is one of the alpine roads most visited on the continent. It ends with the highest mountain in Austria, where also the largest glacier is located. Visited In fact, since the mid 1930s, this famous street was more than 50 million people eager to see its spectacular view.

Carnutinum Archaeological Museum

Carnutinum was once the largest Roman cities in the Alps. It was sometime during the 6th century AD, founded and about 5,000 people under the Roman Empire. Today, this town houses the largest collection of Roman artifacts from Roman jewelry, weapons and Roman coins, points of interest such as an amphitheater and baths and other religious objects from the Roman religion Mithrasdienst.

Eisriesenwelt Caves

The Eisriesenwelt caves showcase extraordinary rock and ice formations, majestic towers and columns and even an underground glacier and waterfall. It was discovered later in the late 1870s by Anton Posselt, and attracted thousands of tourists from around the world. Today it is one of the largest ice caves in the world.


Graz is without doubt the most famous center for culture, architecture and art. Was, in fact, it has been recognized as World Heritage Site by UNESCO because of the historical site. Here, tourists can also learn the lively nightlife that is known to experience Gratz.


Salzburg is known for its wide variety of churches. In fact, it is also known as the Rome of the North, for that reason. Apart from Salzburg is also famous for its ancient streets, festivals, Mirabell Palace, Hohensalzburg Fortress and the Mozarteum.


Innsbruck is known as a holiday destination in winter known. The reason for this is the place between two imposing mountains, ideal for winter sports such as snowboarding and skiing is located. Not only that, Innsbruck is also a popular tourist destination, even during the summer months because it is ideal for mountaineering and ecotours.


Vienna is one of the largest and oldest cities of Western Europe. It is the birthplace of the famous leader of Austria and some of the greatest composers of classical music. In Vienna, there are also tourist destinations such as St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Vienna Woods.

The Museum of the Future

The museum of the future is the Ars Electronica. This museum is also known for its impressive collection of modern art known. As such, today is a place for tourists.

Hohe Tauern National Park

One of the last natural wilderness areas in Europe, this park is known known for its flora and fauna. Here you will find animals like to see mountain goats, ibex, chamois, a variety of birds, sheep, etc. You can also get nature at its best enjoyed with friends.

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