An Interview with Yonatan Ben Shimon about quantum computers

We are here with Yonatan Ben Shimon the founder of Matchpool and an expert in blockchain technology.

Hi Yonatan, What are Quantum Computers?

Yonatan: Unlike conventional computer systems that store memory in binary, A quantum computer uses Qubits to store information or memory. The significant distinction between a traditional binary and qubit system is that in binary every information is stored in the measure of 0 or 1. But in Qubit state unless memory is read, it is stored as an intermediate form that cannot be contained as 0 or 1. The qubit state of storing memory is called superposition, and it is this superposition that makes Quantum computers different from conventional ones.

How does a quantum computer work?

Yonatan: The answer to this question is not straightforward, but trickier. The programming in quantum computers is done using logic gate sequences of varied nature. These programs are supposed to run very fast so that the qubits don’t lose their coherence. Coherence is referred to the entangled state of qubits that interact instantly. Now, to make these qubits functional, they need cooling down to almost zero. When this state is reached, the coherence is achieved.

In typical sense quantum computers are Analog and to those who have some knowledge of logic gates and digital circuit can easily co-relate to quantum computers and its programming. But the entire process of coherence and entanglement is what defines Quantum computers and somewhat make it difficult t understand.

Understanding the working of the quantum computer

How does a quantum computer work lie entirely in the understanding of Qubits and the Superposition? So, to understand the functioning of quantum computer lets study about qubits and superposition.

What are Qubits?

Yonatan Ben Shimon:Unlike a digital computer where information is stored in bits using binary code 0 or 1, and this doesn’t change at any given point of time, given the system is in working condition and not damaged. Qubits in quantum computers cannot be defined as either 0 or 1. They can be 0 or they can 1and until they are measured, they remain undefined. Therefore there are an equal probability of information to be coded as 0 or 1, although this makes the entire computation bit complex, that is the real power of quantum computers.

What is a Superposition?

Yonatan Ben Shimon:Superposition can be defined as the state of qubits to hold their position in all axes, namely x, y or z. the superposition is rightly understood as a property where the qubits have the equal possibility to exists in all three states at a time. The power of superposition helps it to do math around all possible combination and probabilities using logic gates. It means that before giving any results the quantum computer measure all possible outcomes of a scenario and the produce an output that can be measured as 0 or 1.

Along with all the processing and measuring of qubits and superposition, it is the entanglement that gives the breakthrough results in quantum computing. The entanglement applies the laws of quantum physics, and they measure entangled qubits instantly. Its more like each bit is connected with every other bit in the memory using the logic gate and the information is processed throughout the circuit and not specific to the related bit.


Than you for being with us Yonatan.

Yonatan Ben Shimon is the founder of Matchpool and few more advanced technological projects.

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